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  • BFL reducer energy saving and environmental protection road

    人With the scarcity of various types of energy, energy conservation and environmental protection has become a common topic in the world. In recent years, China has also abandoned the extensive development in the past, actively seeking a sound and rapid…

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  • Reducer installation essentials and applications

    人The reducer is familiar to everyone. There are many types of reducers and their functions are different. When we buy a reducer, the first thing is how to install it? What are the essentials for its installation? Let's take a look at the experts from…

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  • Reducer working principle

    人Simply put, the gear drive is used to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. The reducer is composed of gear pairs of various stages. For example, the gear can be driven by a small gear to achieve a certain speed reduction, and then multiple stages…

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  • Affecting the life factor of the gear reducer, maintenance is very important

    人The gear reducer uses all kinds of gear transmissions to achieve the purpose of speed reduction, and the longer it works, the more the internal transmission will wear. However, if we maintain and operate improperly, the gear reducer will be advanced.…

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  • Learn about gear reducer knowledge

    人What is a gear reducer ? The gear reducer uses the gear transmission of all levels to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. It is composed of gear pairs of various stages, for example, the gear can be driven by a pinion to achieve a certain decel…

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  • Cylindrical gear reducer installation and lubrication

    人First, the installation 1. Cylindrical gear reducers are generally required to be installed on a horizontal surface with an inclination of no more than 10°. If the inclination is greater than 10° due to special needs, please contact the company bef…

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  • General fault causes and troubleshooting methods of helical gear moto

    人General fault causes and troubleshooting methods of helical gear motor…

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  • Reducer design procedure

    人First, the original data and data of the design 1. Type, specification, speed, power (or torque), starting characteristics, short-term overload capability, and moment of inertia of the prime mover. 2. Type, specification, use, speed, power (or torque…

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