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Affecting the life factor of the gear reducer, maintenance is very important

Author:总管理员   Time:2019-07-31 10:05  Source:未知   Browse:Times

    The gear reducer uses all kinds of gear transmissions to achieve the purpose of speed reduction, and the longer it works, the more the internal transmission will wear. However, if we maintain and operate improperly, the gear reducer will be advanced. To end its useful life, let's take a look at what factors affect the life of the gear reducer. Such as: gear reducer bearing life, gear reducer grease cleanliness and addition. Load current, thermal overload and temperature fluctuations, environmental conditions.
     1. The effect of load current fluctuations. If the motor path is frequently switched on and switched, the load current will also fluctuate frequently, causing the current to change sharply in a short time, thereby generating significant additional forces in the current carrying wires and the motor windings. These forces are related to the square of the current and pass through the current carrying. The insulating material of the conductor acts on the fixing member, and over time, the insulation is broken to cause a short circuit or an open circuit, and the winding is damaged and the life of the motor is shortened.
     2. Return the effects of changes and fluctuations and the reversal process. These processes create additional mechanical forces on the moving conductors on the moving parts, while mechanical joints such as laminations, shackles, etc., also create additional loads, which can fatigue the moving parts and mechanical joints. Lose ability to work.
     3, the impact of thermal overload and temperature fluctuations, thermal overload will destroy the insulation material, because the maximum temperature and the material life of the insulation material have a direct relationship, so the operating temperature of the motor is not allowed to exceed the allowable limit temperature of the insulation material. Temperature fluctuations also have an effect on the service life of the insulation. The so-called temperature fluctuation refers to the temperature difference between the cold state and the hot state of the motor. The above effects are particularly pronounced when the motor is subjected to an alternating load. Generally, temperature fluctuations may cause different degrees of expansion and change of wires, insulation layers, and wrapping parts, which may also cause paint stripping and loosening, and reduce the service life of the BFL reducer.
     4. The reducer is affected by environmental conditions, such as locomotive motors. Mine electric motors, chemical industrial electric motors, all work under different harsh environmental conditions, are susceptible to environmental impact and shorten the service life. For example, imperfect surrounding materials or corrosive gases and higher temperatures can damage the electrical and mechanical properties of the motor. Therefore, when selecting a motor, the motor with the corresponding protective structure must be selected according to the environmental conditions. The gear reducer is suitable for ambient temperature minus 10 degrees to plus 40 degrees and humidity below 90%.
     5. The large mechanical working frequency is very high, so the working time of the gear reducer will be longer. In the long working condition, the temperature of the gear reducer will often increase. The reason for the temperature increase is the gear reducer gear. The friction of the reducer is relatively large, so the temperature of the gear reducer will continue to increase, and the frictional force will increase. That is to say, the gear reducer must have a lubricating effect in this case. If there is no guarantee, the gear The friction of the reducer is getting larger and larger, so that the wear of the gear reducer has been large, so the probability of damage to the gear reducer is increased. Usually, we must pay attention to the gear reducer when using the gear reducer. Lubricity is adjusted.
     Summary: In the process of use, we must check the various conditions of the gear reducer at any time, remember to add lubricant and clean the reducer in time, in order to maintain the efficiency of the gear reducer, and the state of work, in our opinion, the use of gear reducer The years are not only related to the quality of the gear reducer, but also related to the daily operation, maintenance and maintenance of the gear reducer.

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